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South African “Worcation”

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So my current employer has a nice little scheme where the tech team gets to work off-site for a couple weeks each winter. This year the destination was Cape Town, South Africa… 2 weeks of pure sunshine <3 Tried to get out of the airbnb every day after work (around 4pmish) and also had 2 weekends off. I think the best highlights for me were:

  • Hiking up the lions head.
  • sunset view off table mountain
  • walking tour around town (including 2 scam attempts and 2 aggressive beggars)
  • live music and cocktails in a hipster bar called “The House of Machines”
  • More coctails at “yours truly” and some dancing at “beer house” and “orphanage”
  • amazing sunset view on Noordhoek Beach
  • vinyard tour
  • seeing the penquins
  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (one of the most fun/unique museums ive been to)
  • Kite-surfing on kite beach

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DreamBox installation

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Built this thing for borderland festival, had a bit of inspiration from Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. had the outside buit from hdf, laser cut at roskilde university (yay for free fab labs) some digital ws2811 leds for animated lights and one mirror from ikea that was acut in half :) Read More