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Fail #2 + Recent Artwork

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I have been quite late with the updates so heres loads of post.

Anyways, in march or april i got a reply from animwork… didnt get in, hell, didnt even make it to the admission test this year round. So now im busy looking for work… Denmark/England/Germany lets hope i find something soon since hojskole is close to ending and il be out there with nowhere to go :/ oh well… Theres also a few images of stuff we have been busy with.

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Animwork Portfolio #2 try

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Well, a year has passed. I’ve learned a lot, i’ve practiced a lot and i gave it the best i could with 8 months and no funds for professional teaching. So heres the new and improved portfolio for applying to 2011 CGart line in

See it here:

I think its quite an improvement over the last year’s application (linky) but we shall see… keeping my fingers crossed


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As expected, i didnt get into Animwork… my hand drawings were way too weak. I had hoped that my digital stuff and potential for learning would compensate but i guess it was wishful thinking…

so for now, the plan is to work in Copenhagen for a year and gather up some funds for material fees and boost up my drawing skills with intensive training (seeing as ive never, ever learned any theory nor systematically tackled drawing) to apply again next year.

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Animwork admission test

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sooo, finaly had the test and the interview over skype… has pretty much crushed all my hopes.
while i knew that my hand drawing skills werent that good, i was hoping that the digital part and the fast learning would compensate a bit since the education is 50/50 as they said but they didnt seem that enthusiastic… along with that, the test part went pretty bad. Since i had never drawn with a time limit, i messed up and the storyboard ended up being a mess.

Not really nice stuff to remind myself of but i figured i should post it here since i had desperately tried to find what to expect from the test prior to taking it but found only one brief mention of it… perhaps someone else will benefit next year.

The test was sent to my mail and had to be finished and sent back in 4h. we had to choose a genre (Romance, Action, Horror or Documentary) and draw a character, background, 12-15 panel storyboard and make up a story with the theme “a visit to the veterinarian”

i lost most of my time working on the backround(s)

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