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Animwork admission test

By April 25, 2010July 3rd, 2017Life

sooo, finaly had the test and the interview over skype… has pretty much crushed all my hopes.
while i knew that my hand drawing skills werent that good, i was hoping that the digital part and the fast learning would compensate a bit since the education is 50/50 as they said but they didnt seem that enthusiastic… along with that, the test part went pretty bad. Since i had never drawn with a time limit, i messed up and the storyboard ended up being a mess.

Not really nice stuff to remind myself of but i figured i should post it here since i had desperately tried to find what to expect from the test prior to taking it but found only one brief mention of it… perhaps someone else will benefit next year.

The test was sent to my mail and had to be finished and sent back in 4h. we had to choose a genre (Romance, Action, Horror or Documentary) and draw a character, background, 12-15 panel storyboard and make up a story with the theme “a visit to the veterinarian”

i lost most of my time working on the backround(s)

these are a bit tweaked in photoshop since im a bit lazy to find the originals but the work sent in had to be hand drawn without coloring…

after doing the backgrounds i realized that i barely had time for the storyboard and char, so i scribbled smth as fast as i could:

same with the storyboard… they said that i had tried to draw too many details… they were ofc right, should have done nice orderly boxes and drawn simplified pics, easy to understand, but since when i read about the 15 panel cap, my mind was got stuck on “making every panel count” although the mess up with the time screwed that idea… why didnt i just think of doing smth short like just a scene?? oh well, will see what answer ill get in the beginning of june…

EDIT: didnt get in, had a new try next year: also unsuccessful

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  • Ania says:

    Hmmm… I am actually impressed with what you have drawn compared to the sketches you’ve placed in your portfolio. Have you gotten an answer yet, if they are taking you or not? If you haven’t then I cross my fingers for you. I was dismissed already in my portfolio part, even though I believed that my sketching skills were quite nice. I guess I havent mastered perspective in free hand drawing that well. I also haven’t had any 3D works done on the computer.. Well, I will try the next year, but Animowork seems to be a tough school to get in ;-) Take care!

    • equilerex says:

      yeah, the sketches in the portfolio werent that great since i hadnt done much drawing since discovering the digital medium…took it up again to make the portfolio and i improved with every drawing i made… The test being the latest work, its probably the best work so far (the perspective stuff atleast)

      The answer should come around 15th of june… And yeah, their standards are really high but i guess its worth it.

      And thanks for your kind words, take care!

  • Roland says:

    Taustad on lahedad ju ja storyboardis on liikumine sees, aga karakter võiks lahedam olla. Niii kuradi kahju, et sa sisse ei saanud.

    • admin says:

      storyboard vist tappiski asja ära… oleks pidanud korraliku formaadiga tegema… ühe suurusega kastid, lihtne jälgida ja lihtsamini joonistatud…
      aga jah, ilgelt kurb tõesti… eks ma järgmine aasta siis ürita sinuga seal ühineda :)

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