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Asus G75VW stripdown

By DIY One Comment

As a proper Copenhagener, i bike to work regardless of heavy snow or rain… one of those days however i managed to slide a bit and brake my laptop’s audio port in the process. since theres no information on the soundcard model online, i ended up taking it apart to find the model number… these photos might be useful for anyone looking to replace the motherboard or need some reference from the inside.

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Buying a used car in denmark

By Photos 18 Comments


Well, when it comes to denmark then having a car is a a costly business… new ones have 200% tax on top of the original price and old ones are moving rust buckets. in most cases bike and a bus are a better choise… unless you live in a place like grindsted where public transport is kind of a joke (hence my new purchase) so heres a quick intro to save some time if you stumbled upon this page looking for some short, simple information.

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DIY Glidecam

By Random 2 Comments

So I had some free time and i figured i could try building a camera stabilizer. Here are a few things i Learned in the process that could have been useful to know before starting.

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Fallout Movie part#3 (finished)

By Photos One Comment

well, here we are, 2 days of premiere and after efects, 2h of filming, few hours of prop building and we got ourselves a movie (clip)

not exactly how i hoped it to turn out but time is short and the file got way big for my pc to handle.
the pace of the thing should be smoother/slower (could have been fixed by a separate camera man but had to do with just the tripod this time) transitions arent that smooth in places, the end gets kinda messy and some vfx is missing (damage to the car, supermutant, etc) but its the best i could come up with all the limitations.

Enjoy :)

Hard labor.

By Life No Comments

when something needs to be done, we do it on our own… may it be growing our food, pluming work for your sauna or repairing your diy sauna furnace.

this year’s potatoe harvest… didnt work out very well… smallest catch ive ever seen.
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Why HP sucks.

By Life, Random No Comments

Sooo… the other day my hard drive got fried. tried to boot up and it wouldnt… bios said the hdd’s were bad
after some messing with linux, it suddenly “resumes windows” :/ half the data is corrupt…  luckily scan disc
saved most of it.

My conclusion after fiddling with the drives was that the heat killed them… so hot you cant even hold a finger on them.
since the fuckers were still running somehow (very slow with hangups every now and then) i plan the new drive purchase when i
get to Estonia… for now, im thinking i could just do a “quick” cleanup for the fan… or so i thought

23:42 one wrecked casing… really really poor design on these things… it has cracks all over the place
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