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How to replace North depower line

By December 17, 2013DIY

Since i got my kites second hand, one of them had a pretty worn out depower line… so i went and fixed it…
since i couldnt find many instructions other than a crappy youtube video, i figured i should post a few tips ;)

My kite’s an old 2009 North Vegas – since the structure of the bar has stayed pretty much the same from 2008-20012, the parts are pretty cheap and common. I got a replacement line for £20 off (arrived in 3 days or so :)

If the line is worn out, the chanses are that the splint is quite corroded by now… it might be quite hell of a task to get it out- i almost gave up at some point.
It was really oxidated and the “tool” for hammering it out that comes with the replacement line is really soft, so you cant hit it hard… and since you need to apply the pressure to 2 points evenly, the chances are that you dont have any better tools… so just keep hammering carefully, if the tool gets too bent, bend it back by hammering the tool and keep repeating until the damn thing is out.

Replacing the line itself is very simple… just memorize the layout, perhaps take a picture for safety or use the one above and replace the old line with the new one

you’ll end up with a nice, clean safe bar that slides smooth and looks neat :)

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