Fallout Movie part#3 (finished)

By July 8, 2010 Photos

well, here we are, 2 days of premiere and after efects, 2h of filming, few hours of prop building and we got ourselves a movie (clip)

not exactly how i hoped it to turn out but time is short and the file got way big for my pc to handle.
the pace of the thing should be smoother/slower (could have been fixed by a separate camera man but had to do with just the tripod this time) transitions arent that smooth in places, the end gets kinda messy and some vfx is missing (damage to the car, supermutant, etc) but its the best i could come up with all the limitations.

Enjoy :)


  • Brian says:

    Hey there. I did the voice acting for the English version of the intro movie for FOnline: The Life After. It came out pretty good, and while although I technically make my living acting, I’ll do it for free for any Fallout project. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested in hearing some samples and/or getting some better sound in there.


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