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Fallout Movie // Part 2

By June 30, 2010July 3rd, 2017Life, Photos

So, i finally got around shooting the clips.

Day one: forgot to take the storyboard with, was too lazy to use 4min to get it, the light was way too intense, tried too many things which made me stressed and exhausted + i didnt get all the scenes. overall day1=complete failiure

Day 2: starting from the beginning… took the storyboard with which made things really organized.. look at the slide, set up the cam as needed, walk / act / whatever the whole movie cycle, reposition, repeat. instead of 1h of stressing i got the whole thing wrapped in 1 and a half hour and it was pretty fun…

Never forget!!

the sun was still damn bright but a few huge clouds really softened it up… and yeas, thats my playground :D

And hey look! there comes my stunt double! (aint it great to be the camera man, acting grew, prop department and cutting + vfx? ^^) oh well, didnt get the shots as i would of liked but its better then nothing :)

heres the first part of the scenes… dont look at the colors and brightness of it, il fix it, guess that was the whole point of this project ^^

well, was hard but fun… definitely a wrong costume for this season… i was completely soaked after an hour of running around in jeans, shirt + hoodie + leather jacker + bandana

(dont mind the hedgehog hairdo, still growing out of the damn crewcut)

hopefully il get around the vfx and cutting in a month or so (loads of stuff going on)
until next time!

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