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Asus G75VW stripdown

By December 16, 2013DIY

As a proper Copenhagener, i bike to work regardless of heavy snow or rain… one of those days however i managed to slide a bit and brake my laptop’s audio port in the process. since theres no information on the soundcard model online, i ended up taking it apart to find the model number… these photos might be useful for anyone looking to replace the motherboard or need some reference from the inside.

(high res images in the bottom!)

While it cant take a little fall on the corners, i must admit that the lptop casing is pretty well engineered… comes apart really easy compared to many others ive worked on where you need to disassemble the whole thing just to clean the fan.

theres basically just 3 places to look for screws…

  • first  is all the “marked” screws under the bottom panels and battery they are all nicely marked by A,B,C,D so seperate them accordingly and it will be pretty easy to put it back together,
  • Second is about 3 screws under the cd drive (slide it out and you will see them on the edge)
  • Third is 2 screws in the photo below holding the last of the top panel (the panel just comes off if youve removed screws from below)

The whole top is one neat piece (also works as a heatsink!)

with that, youve hot access to all of the internal components! very neatly arranged :)


high Res imge here:

nd theres my problem… not only had the socket broken but also part of the board had cracked

I googled for a replacement part but i couldnt really find any… so i rerouted one of the paths… now one of the channels works again with headphones but i couldnt figure out where the rightmost connection goes and the middle one went to a transistor, for which my soldering iron was too blunt to really dare to try it.


keep in mind that theres thermal paste/thick foam on the top panel so dont get it dirty like i did due to not noticing it!

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  • Marco says:

    Hi, Joosep, it’ difficult to separate keyboard assembly even not totally, only to having access to underneath memory socket ?


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