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By May 28, 2010July 3rd, 2017Life

As expected, i didnt get into Animwork… my hand drawings were way too weak. I had hoped that my digital stuff and potential for learning would compensate but i guess it was wishful thinking…

so for now, the plan is to work in Copenhagen for a year and gather up some funds for material fees and boost up my drawing skills with intensive training (seeing as ive never, ever learned any theory nor systematically tackled drawing) to apply again next year.

Bought this thing waaay before getting the reply but i knew i’d need to start on my drawings no matter what… the cover and reputation of this “brand” still gives me the shivers but the content in this one is really good and seems to fit my style and workflow perfectly…

At least my good old friend Roland who i told about the school got in… would of been a blast going there together… oh well, still got the next year… good luck buddy!

in other news, lost some army gear which i had to pay for, broke my phone

(and fixed it)

…and chipped my brand new classes. Eh, life can be a bitch at times…

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