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Viper mkII

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When i was a kid, i used to build lots of model airplanes… with the times as they were with no internet and such, i had no idea how other people built them… as in using paint,weathering and trying to make things look non plastic. So when i recently ran across some really nice models in some blog, i figured that it is time to revisit memory lane and do at least one proper build with all the putty, sanding, coloring and weathering… i must say that it was a truly satisfying experience ^^

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Around CPH #4

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It has been a busy few weeks again… beach, evenings in the park, cinema in the park, trailerpark festival, another few festivals, Copenhagen Burlesque and in general lots of things here and there… heres a few photos from all around the place :)
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Marshall major faulty wire fix // replaceable cable conversion

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As usual, my headphones got killed by the wire/jack wearing out… of course they are built like that on purpose so you would buy a “premium” model for triple the price that allows for replacement wire… which is sooo wasteful and stupid, especially considering that its a really nice and durable model that would normally last for years (and looks better than most of those premium offers)

So to take the matters into my own hands, i got a $5 input jack off ebay and redesigned the damn thing myself.

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Tokina 12-24mm broken autofocus repair

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So my Tokina 12-24mm took a short fall off a tripod which broke the autofocus (seems stuck, the engine still runs but it keeps cycling back and fourth every few millimeters) . i took a look at it but opening it up seemed way too much of a hassle (approached from mount side and got stuck after a while due to some really soft screws) After trying to sell it on second hand for pretty much nothing and getting offers for even less, i said screw it and took another look… ended up disassembling quite a bit of it, even though the problem was so tiny it could be fixed by taking off 4 crews and twisting a bit of metal with pliers…

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