Coldplay Concert…

By September 11, 2012 Life

went to a Coldplay concert in parken last month. Absolutely stunning show and performance… they sure had put a lot of oney and effort into it…

  • Great stage design with stage reaching all the way to the centre of the stadium and the sides,
  • Fireworks!
  • Everyone got bracelets that blinked in the rhythm of the music (only for mylo xyloto songs… most of the show was still the old stuff)
  • cannons shooting mylo xyloto paper characters/logo in the air (the whole stadium was full of it)
  • lasers, lights, air pumped and blinking cloth sculptures, huge beach balls in the crowd, etc.
  • band full of energy, just jumping, running and sweating like hell
went alone since none all my friends were broke in december when it got sold out (all 50 000 tickets!) but totally worth it! had a great evening :)
Photos knicked off since y phone’s camera got killed on roskilde :/


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