“Marshall Major” Heaphones

By April 3, 2013 Random

so after another pair of lost earphones i figured i might as well get some decent headphones i can use during my commute to work/where ever. After going through amazon for a few hours, i came to a conclusion that there arent really any headphone’s i’d be willing to wear in public.. until i found these… very modest and nice looking cans. The sound quality is nothing special, pretty much the same as my low-end sennheisers at work. the build quality however is very nice and it has held up quite well for the past month or 2. the only downside is that they are really stiff… wearing them for several hours makes your ears/head hurt… for a quick commute on a bike/skates or doing some sports it is excellent… wont fall off your head no matter what you do… but not good for sitting behind the computer for half the day.

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