Asus G75VW

By July 20, 2012 Random

After living for a year using a laptop that barely held itself together with lots of gaffa tape, i went all out and ordered this beast…

Asus G75VW
i7 3610QM Processor 2.3 GHz (turbo up to 3.3GHz)
GeForce ® GTX 670M 3GB GDDR5
8gb ram & 750gb hdd
no 3d screen or blueray though… that was half price more.

overall its a very decent computer- good and solid build, excellent keyboard with no flex, sharp mattescreen and very good performance.

HOWEVER! its definitely not for tech illiterate people – since the hardware inside is pretty recent then the drivers are still rather buggy + the clean factory windows installation is full of bloatware… so to get it working properly, without any blue screens of death, random lag and restarts, you need to reinstall windows, use that asus cd to install only useful utilities, download/install beta gfx drivers from nvidea and figure out how to get the subwoofer working properly (seems to be a random chance/luck thing with uninstall/reinstall of audio drivers) but otherwise, im happy with it, excellent product for the money :)

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