DIY Aux cable for an old car stereo

By November 7, 2011 Random

So i ended up hacking my old sony car stereo to add an aux input since cd’s are so 1999 and pretty damn annoying (and buying a new one for aux only is just silly)

Its actually pretty simple. the cd player inside the stereo should have a circuit board with markings for right channel (rch) left channel (lch) and ground (gnd) just get a 3.5mm audio wire and solder it in there…

there needs to be a cd in the player running for it to work but other then that its fine. for me it seems to tune down the cd audio so aux will take over. if not then a cd with silent tracks should do the trick.


  • masioo says:

    how can i do if i can’t find LCH and RCH on my cd reader ?

    • It can be something else too depending on the brand or model… just look at the tags on the circuit board and try to find something that might resemble right/left channel ( could be + and ˇ- or R/L or something else perhaps?) and its also possible it isnt even marked.

  • masioo says:

    i’ve found them! is there another way to do that without using the cd reader?

    • i dont think so… where would you insert the signal from? how would the radio recognize it? how would you turn the aux on on the radio interface? i would imagine it would require extra hardware and reprogramming of the stereo’s software/drivers. in other words, close to impossible and definitely cheaper/faster to buy a new stereo for $60. But as a quick, cheap bypass this method works pretty well (at least for me)

  • Alan says:

    Just came across this and worked it like the pictures. I used 3 wires and ran them outside the stereo and then hooked up an AUX to them to make wiring easier. Only issue is that there is no balance. Played a few songs and when it goes from left balance to right balance in the song I only hear the right. Ideas – have a Sony CDX-S2000 radio

    • joosep says:

      Sounds like you wired both the right and left channel to the right channels circuit (either that or the wire/plug or circuit board has a a short circuit somewhere that unites the left/right wires)

      • Alan says:

        I did acutally have the round pin for the Left Channel rip off the board but I did the solder/wire trace to repair it, which worked. And I should clarify. you can hear the left channel but it is just very very faint compared to the right channel. I only noticed because I attempted to hear the issues over a playing CD (mine didn’t stop the CD from attempting to play at the same time as the new AUX

  • Alan says:

    I’m Sorry, the pin for the Right Channel ripped off

  • heinrich1899 says:

    Awesome stuff!

    Just one question, does this work with any CD-player stereo?
    I am asking this, because I hear and see so many times that you will need a CD-changer with a Mode button to get it to work.


    • joosep says:

      I highly doubt that… this is the last desperate resort before buying a new stereo (in case you really dont have the money) so i think its more of a luck thing if the given model will work or not (not to mention, who knows if you can find the correct solder points…might not be labelled on other brands?)

  • shameem says:

    four pin came from old magnetic tap.lch gnd rch and acb.were the acb means?

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