Fiesta Mk3 Wheel bearing change

By July 20, 2012 Random

So somewhere in may my wheel bearing gave up… so heres a few pictures and general overview for those in search of it (couldnt find any when i prepared for it)

just lift it up, take off the brakes (in my case, the bolts for the brakes were so rusted that i had to get them out by welding new nuts on top of it… this being my first practical welding experiense, i found out the importance of safety gear using arc welders the hard way… woke up at 3am in pain… couldnt open my eyes for the next day and barely survived with constant cold compress and potato slices on the eyes)

loosen the ain nut (takes lots of force so use a long lever)

release the ball joints

pull out this thing

Beat out the geared thing

Have a look of how fucked up the bearings were

remove the old bearing… grinder and chisels help a lot if its stuck

beat out the other part ot the bearing using some pipe or smth that fits in it but wont go through

and then add the new bearing and do everything in reverse… takes a lot of force to beat it in but as long as you make sure youre beating it equally and not on the bearing spheres (use the old outer shell  between the bearing and hammer for example), it should be fine

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