By August 20, 2010 Life, Photos

well, well look whos been a bit lazy ^^
ahh, got to fix that then. heres a lil update of the past month +

overall, theres been a lot of swimming

a little raft rip on võhandu courtesy of veetee.ee

reorganized my room.. added these awesome concrete tiles on the pc wall.. very zen look when working (yeah, you have to like concrete in order to like it ^^)

started with a new animwork portfolio

some ps paint practice

working on a website for aino ait

dad’s workhop’s roof went up in flames.. very sad and shocking

helped Roland with a music video.. and managed to “persuade” anna to to spend a lot of time on the other side of the camera (thanks!)

visited pühajärve restourant a few times… really classy place… im a sucker for retro stuff… once i get some better shots perhaps il post an article about it.

and overall there was lots of sightseeing/enjoying Estonian nature

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