By December 13, 2009 Life

well, the basic training of 3months is over now.
i was enlisted in Kuperjanov batalion, “miinipilduja patarei” (mortar/bombing squad or smth)

Well, i was against coming since the beginning and i must say, it met all my expectations. Ok, i see the point, a country needs an army but this is just waste of time for the guys who get stuck there…. the study time must be like 10% out of all our time, most of the time is used on cleaning, useless standing for no reason and traditions.

Every time i think on the time lost on this and how i could have advanced my own skills with it, a deep depression sweeps me off my feet.
I just cant get over the fact that im wasting a whole year of my life like this. Oh well, if thats how things are, i guess i have to just get through it and be happy when its over knowing that i wont have to go through it again.



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