Life if Copenhagen :)

By September 11, 2012 Life, Photos

The past 3 months in cph have been magical… so many things ive done nd seen, met loads of people from all over the world and in general, it has been an awesome summer… of course life is like a rollercoaster so there are ups and downs… last weekend after hell of a party i woke up just to find my “rel” landlord behind the door telling me that the place has to be empty today… apparently the guy i was subletting from, sublet it from him with without telling him about me and many others who had been through there…. at some point he said we might need to move on 1th of october since the sublet contract would expire but he’ll see if it can be extended, and due to some reasons, he failed to keep in touch with us after that (still not 100% sure why until i get back the deposit) but long story short, i was all of a sudden packing my things… luckily i found a place next day after an hour of search… in frederiksberg… a km from the old place in (apparently finding a place in cph is hard as hell but ive been kinda lucky so far). so the old and awesome party apartment is gone :( will miss that place… made some good memories in that place… and among other things renars moved to arhus to study so its a bit more quiet in here now… so ups and downs… but looking forward to seeing what the next few months will bring… til then, heres another dump of photos fom the past few weeks (and some much older stuff)

And heres some pictures from zoe’s dslr from the past few months :)

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