Moving to Østerbro

By February 1, 2013 Life

Staying true to statistics of the last 5 years, another 6 months has past and its time to move again :P hopefully this place will stick for a while :)

I was living in a tiny basement in frederiksberg since sept… since finding nice accommodation in copenhagen on short notice is pretty much impossible. When the winter came however, the situation with mold and humidity got out of hand so i started looking for a new place… and what a place did i find! i guess i was pretty lucky again… got a sweet 25sqm room in a 170sqm apartment shared between 3 people… so the place is huge… and its only 2km from my work and ~3km from the center… couldnt be more happy :) so heres a few photos…

The room was empty so i had to do a fair share of shopping…

got a bed for dkk450 from (super cheap considering that it was used in a summer house and the top matress itself is worth 2000 when new). then a closet from jysk for another 400, shelve + feet + boxes from ikea.. also around 500. had the table and chair form before, and then a mirror, couple of lamps, bedside cabinet, curtains and lots of other little things from ikea… quite happy with the result.

lots of fun stuff in ikea.. .got myself this set of lights that can change color and hooked it up to the shelve

and from harald nyborg, i picked up this set of radio controlled electrical sockets (turns them on/off)

had a set of 4, used 3 on the floor lamps and took the 4th one apart and hid it in the ceiling lamp.

view outside

common room

another hallway

huge kitchen… have been missing one for a few years now:)


300 degree view outside

most of the neighbourhood looks like this…

quite a step forward from the old basement… :)

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