My line of work

By January 16, 2012 Life

So it has been almost 6 months already since i finally got a permanent job.
As some might know, i’m working as a multimedia designer in a small architecture firm – so im in charge of any design related work my employer is in need of.
So far, it has been mostly 3D visualization for our building projects (i get the blueprints, model the building, come up with an interior design if needed (often in cooperation with our architect Atis) and finished up with slooow rendering… imac running on windows aint the fastest for 3D) then quite a bit of Webdesign and maintenance. Ive also designed some logos and im putting together lots of powerpoints and doing a bit of smaller task like visit cards, stickers, etc. when ever needed. So ive posted some images of the better stuff ive done so far (improving with every project so some older stuff aint worth showing and some is still in progress)

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