Why HP sucks.

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Sooo… the other day my hard drive got fried. tried to boot up and it wouldnt… bios said the hdd’s were bad
after some messing with linux, it suddenly “resumes windows” :/ half the data is corrupt…  luckily scan disc
saved most of it.

My conclusion after fiddling with the drives was that the heat killed them… so hot you cant even hold a finger on them.
since the fuckers were still running somehow (very slow with hangups every now and then) i plan the new drive purchase when i
get to Estonia… for now, im thinking i could just do a “quick” cleanup for the fan… or so i thought

23:42 one wrecked casing… really really poor design on these things… it has cracks all over the place
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First week in Greece

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So, ive been in greece for a week now, must say its quite fun, not a place to live in but definitely an exotic destination for a good vacation

well, we’ve been taking it easy after that insane week in paris.. one or two things per day this time around…. would probably be hard to go over that in this heat! ^^ normally +27/30 but also up to +35C … having a  bottle of water with you at all times is a must… and you have showered in sweat by the end of the day ^^

anyways, i had rented a small apartment for the month in asimaki fotila 28… was greeted by this…


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Day3-5 :: Denmark-France-Greece-Latvia-Estonia

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Soo… as it turned out, there is no time for constant blogging on holiday’s like this ^^
so heres a conclusion of rest of the days in france.

Day 3

was all about unvinding from the stressfull days…

first a “french” breakfeast with croissants, juice, bread, etc. Ofc if you have danes in your company, they will end up making their own menu ^^


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Broken sweethearts, New goodies

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Around 2 years ago when i came to denmark, i bought my first dslr,  a d40… one hell of a camera.  Best investment ever! ^^

Around 10 months ago in barcelona i managed to drop it.  Now, almost a year from that,  it finally broke down because of it. Since i had been planning on getting an upgrade in the distant future anyway, i just went to the store the next day and got a sparkling new Nikon D90 ^^ talk about an impulse purchase…

my current gear excluding the d40:


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