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By January 25, 2014 Review

posting this since i found barely any information on them while researching into good kite gloves…
I had a pair of c skins first but my hands got cramped in about 5min in them while holding the bar… so in december when the weather got way too cold to go barehanded, i got these things :)

the “pre-curled” shape is pretty much exactly how i would normally hold the bar so no more cramps or exhaustion from holding the bar… after an hour or so, you do get some fatigue since you still do have 3mm of slippery rubber between the hands and the bar.

overall, im pretty happy- totally comfy and fairly watm as long as no water get in.
there are only 2 negative sides ive found so far-
1. the “wrist strap” is totally useless since it is too soft and theres velcro only on one specific spot… so if you leave it there, it does not seal it so water gets in pretty easily… i can pull the stap almost 2 rounds around the arm but “almost” means that it still doesnt reach the velcro… this is really bad design flaw… probably something i could fix with extra velcro and stiches but still kinda crappy

2. stitching quality… after on time in the water, some stitches came loose and started to untangle without any end to it until i cut them off… could really benefit from clued seams i think.


othrwise, im pretty happy with them, no frustration what so ever compared to my old cskins :)

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