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A “Week” of Drawing part #3

By June 26, 2010July 3rd, 2017Life

Well well, another week went by, got a bit more done (most today :P)

did some shading exercises with those helmets and got the idea to try gesture figures:
while plain gestures didnt come out that great, i managed to mix it with my usual drawing style and got some promising results

it goes kind of like this:

also made this one to compare with my year old drawing before the army … ive come quite a way in this month of study

and in the beginning of the week, due to lack of motivation, graduations, birthday parties, etc, i only got this done:

mostly practicing with David Finch’s figure and head drawing dvd’s … chewed through most of the videos so down to search for a good book, read a bit of bridgman but its good for learning general anatomy not the drawing theories themselves.

you can also keep an eye on my drawing spree on CGart here

thanks for watching and have a good day/evening/morning ;)

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