Forgotten in my pocket

By July 10, 2013 Uncategorized

Once every blue moon i run into a situation where i want a phota but dont have my camera with me… so i snap a few blurry ones with my phone… unfortunately i usually forgot them there… so heres some forgotten goods from the past year or so


Lacuna coil concert… finally managed to see them :)



Lana del ray

retro party

snow like this is pretty rare in Denmark…


After a long night in town…


Board game night…

p1 bug… hitman is not playable with guitar hero drum kit :P









Rob Zombie concert

A tiny ship next to work

Marilyn manson


Hitman Release party



The one day restaurant day :)

Taxi line in Arhus :P



tame impala

Brazz monkey and zombie’s

New years eve…


Louisiana museum



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