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Kitesurfing spots around Copenhagen

By February 2, 2014March 27th, 2016Photos

When i started surfing,  i didn’t really know how the spots for it were around copenhagen… theres a good list of them on with some comments but not much photos.. so il try to fix it by posting some general information and photos of all the beaches i’ve been kiting at so far.


There are many good spots, this is just a short list of the main spots around cph that ive managed to take a few shots of.

First, heres a few useful links:


And now the spots (scroll down or click the links to get to them:

Sydvestpynten – by far the most popular spot next to cph since the wind is rarely off shore (north to east).  when ever there’s some good wind, you will find kiters here.. for a few to a hundred on a busy day.

Plenty of space, shallow water, only 2 or 3 big rocks, plenty of parking space for everyone and in general, a very nice and open spot that works on most days :)

on the downside- 1. no bathrooms 2. when the tide is out, you have to do a fair share of walking in shallow rocky water 3. can be fairly overcrowded on those sunny, windy days 4. In winter time, half the area is off limits due to the bird migration or something like that ;)
Google Maps

takes about 25min when driving from the center of Copenhagen (city speed limit 50km/h all the way) … or you can take bus bus 33. when you get there, you either go in from the south end or from north end of the parking lot… in which case you can walk through the hip-high “lagoon” to get to the sea. also keep in mind that in the north end of the beach, theres often kite school groups (if you see many people + 1 kite, thats it) so dont get too close to them just in case ;)

Sylten- as in “cafe sylten” neat little spot when wind is from east or sydvest has too many people. has a cafe right in front of the launch spot so if you bring some non kiting  friends, they can warm up and enjoy the view :)

lots of launc/landing space and a fairly long and straight beach… but it has loads of rocks closer to the shoreline so be careful!

NB! protected (no fly zone) from 1nov-31march due to bird migrations

Google Maps

its about 25min ride from the centre, can definitely get there with a bus since its technically the suburbs but not sure how ;)


Amager strandpark- one of the nicest places to practice jumps since the lagoon is super smooth, unless theres very heavy wind.

On the downside, its fairly rare that the wind is from east or north… other directions are a bit too unstable. It is also deep so be prepared to do some body dragging if you mess up :) and obviously, this place wont work in summer time due to bathers/swimmers/etc. even in spring and autumn, you need to watch out for bystanders, turtles (people swimming/training for triathlon), canoes and so on. The only time this place is nice and empty is the middle of the winter ;)

otherwise, plenty of place for launching & landing .. sandy beach on both sides, even a big strip of grass if the weather is cold enough not to have it filled with grill parties.

Google maps 

car, bike, metro, bus…  hell, you can get here on a long-board if you wanted – this is the closest spot to the city center…  really useful in autumn when theres just a tiny bit of time for kiting after work before it becomes too dark to see.. cut out the commute & spend more time on the water :) (also lots of parking space!)


another spot fairly close to the city… about 30min from the center. plenty of parking, plenty of space for launch + kite and a beautiful sand beach… beach wise, its probably the bes one ive been to around cph itself (liseleje would still beat it). why you ask? real sand! amager is artificial and the rest of the places are so rocky and rough that i would kite with booties even in summer…

the session i had there was like 10 min since the wind was not strong enough for my 14m… but the impression was good… little bit of waves and chop in the beginning, fairly smooth in the back nd nice soft bottom. has much longer shallow re than in amager strandpark but probbly shorter than in pyanten and sydvest (never made it very far from the shore)

on the downside, even during winter(ish) time it was full of people so the warmer it gets the more civilians youll run into so probably not very ride-able close to the shore during warm season



Landerslev – pretty much like sydvest.  Loads of space and shallow water. The area itself is quite scenic and neat. There are 2 main spots to go in from, the one in the north has barely any parking spots and apparently there’s some crazy guy who is angry at kiters “blocking” his view.. so he might come, drag the kites without asking and and thinking so they might fly away since he does not care how he leaves them afterwards.. unfortunately, ive been unable to decipher the warnings on the danish sites to know which house it is… and ive also just been there twice :)

the southern spot however has a fair share of parking space, no sure how the beach itself is ;)

Google Maps

takes about 50min ride from copenhagen


lynæs havn up north… ive been there just twice… first time there was no wind, second time it was a nice and windy session. Like in sydvest, it has nice and shallow water, it however felt a bit small… and i can also imagine that it would get very overcrowded on windy days.

Google Maps

just around 50min drive from the centre of copenhagen… possibly reachable with a bus :)



Liseleje… Super beautiful beach with white sand, dunes and forest. Unfortunately, there was not enough wind to get my 14m up when i was there so not really sure how it is to kite there. seemed to have quite a bit of waves though.. not sure if it was due to the wind/tide conditions or if it is like that in general… would also imagine that theres a lot of bathers and people walking on the beach in summer time so you might need to go further down the beach

Google Maps


Feddet beach – Ive tried kiting here once during summer when there was no wind around Copenhagen… it would have worked but due to the large waves, the usual amount needed for my 14m wasnt enough :D

otherwise, its a very scenic place. As i understand, its also possible to kite in the lake on the other side… and if you want to stay for the night, theres a camping place next to the beach.

Google maps

takes about 1h20min to drive there from copenhagen… parking is paid(one time fee of 20kr if im not mistaken) unless you want to walk a long way ;)

Farø is great if you have a car… about an hour drive away. The location is great since you can ride on either side of the road dependent on the wind direction. It is also quite a favored summer spot since you can often catch some thermal winds generated by the temperature differences while theres none to be found around the ususal spots. Fairly flat and shallow water with nice views :)

Google Maps

thanks for reading and hope some of has been useful! :)

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  • Andreas says:

    Hi Joosep,

    amazing, thanks for the great descriptions and photos. Wish I had found that when I came here first! But thanks to locals and kitemekka I also found my way around.

    I’d like to add Farø to the spots around Cph, it’s about 1h drive south, and it is absolutely amazing. You can ride both sides of a small land bridge, so it is quite versatile and also the wind is usually a bit stronger than around Cph. It is usually really quiet there. Also, quite useful, there is a webcam in Amager Strandpark now!

    Also, recently openend a proper shop where you can buy stuff or pickup your orders. Also, there is a very small shop in Amager Strandpark,, useful for spare parts/repair kits, they don’t have much else.


    • Joosep says:

      Ahh, good point with the beach cam and the shop, i love using both of them so an update is in order ;)
      As for faro, i know of it, ive driven by and i hear its awesome for summer with its thermal wind but since i havent had a chanse to try it out myself yet, it has not made the list, just the same as poppelvej, hørnbæk, nivå and probably quite a few more places (and since i sold my car some time ago, i probably wont have a chanse too soon) ;)

  • Emiel says:

    Thanks! Real usefull!

  • Filip says:

    Amazing post. We didn’t realize that you have so many spots. Maybe a usefull inforamtion – water temperature for those of us who don’t live there:). I’ll be there in 2-3 months with my team on a business trip and will definately try this out if the wind blows.

    • Joosep Kõivistik says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it :) as for water… its always cold…. 3mm wetsuit in summer, 5mm wetsuit, gloves, boots and hood in winter (oct/nov to may) drysuit for sessions longer than an hour. perhaps il see if i can find some year average chart or smth :)

  • Patrik says:

    Amazing spots great pictures ! Would love to visit us on some hot summer to kitesurf with our team

    If we come i email you do join.

    Good wind!


  • Jon Hedger says:

    Awesome photos!

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