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La Casa De Kõivistik

By January 8, 2013Life, Photos

Had a nice christmas vacation… Latvia->estonia->finland. Since i’m home like once per year, i figured that i should take some photos so i wont forget how it looks like :D

Unfortunately i had my camera in the repairs so i had to use my ancient nikon D40 that i had left for my parents when i upgraded a few years ago… so i didnt really bother doing it that properly… so some images are a bit funky ;)

From left to right its the main house, sauna/mom’s massage parlor, workshop and wood shed

lots of organic food in summer :)

this one used to be my old room befor it got repurposed as sewing/laundry room, heres how it looked when i was still there:

mostly frosen fresh wild strawberry jam and a bit of blueberries

all the buildings are heated by wood… oldschool :D

And the workshop/garage… it took some heavy damage from fire a few years back so the insides still need a lot of work.

some examples of its use from last christmas:

nd the sauna/mom’s massage parlor

downstairs has been looking like this for the past 25 years or so… but theres some rumors of it getting fixed up as a waiting room for the clients.

the photo doesnt really do any justice for it since the room is actually very nice and cozy

sauna dressing room


nd sauna itself

Home-made sauna furnace built from old truck brake drums and sheet metal.. and a diy boiler system (water gets heated by the sauna furnace itself.. no electricity or bumps, just pipes, water and heat)

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