Review // Eimo 60cm Steadycam

By December 17, 2013 Review

Couple of years ago, these things were so expensive that i actually tried making one myself… it was “kinda” functunal but not really something you’d use in public :P but now i discovered this baby on amazon for just , so i went and got myself one :)

I guess its made in china and sold under different names like eimo 60cm, Walimex Pro 60cm, s-60, CamSmart Steadycam, SunSmart 60cm, etc.
While all of that might make it seem a bit fishy, there no need to worry! Its of quite high quality- everything is made from metal, no plastic… even the knobs are aluminium! only the central pipe is made from carbon fiber(which is good since its light and better to handle than slippery metal)

Overall, its super solid, looks professional, works well and totally worth the price :)

Only cons i can think of are:

  • It is missing a quick release (so you dont have to re-calibrte when you do a shot off the steadycam) but then again, you can buy some universal solution for that and screw it on top.
  • Switching of weights is tedious (if you have very different lenses, you might need that) is fairly slow since it takes loads of spinning to get those knobs on and off. but for this aswell, you could probably come up with a solution if it really annoys you
  • the screw for dslr’s is bit too long so i need to put an extra layer in between the camera to have it totally tight
  • if you remove the bigger screw then the smaller one can fall out and go missing when the camera is not attached
  • The rubber on top is fairly soft and will end up wearing out fairly easy

These however are just minor things which are fine(and fixable) for the quality and price you re getting

And here some test footage and a few shots:


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