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Review // GoPro3 Line Mount

By December 16, 2013Review

since the board mount did a pretty horrible job, i got myself a line mount :)

I thought it was the “GoPro3 Line Mount” built by Camrig but the package (and amazon) calls it “XSories KLM3 Line attachement”… anyways, looks identical so not sure if a case of copying or just the same product under different retailer.

Ive used it a couple of times and every time ive had issues with it… its not really something you want to have up there unless you really, really want some footage.

The Bad:

  • Its pretty Usual that it Messes up the kite launch by getting the lines stuck behind it.
  • To ensure that the lines dont get stuck, you’ll end up spending a bit of extra time on it (which still wont guarantee a clean launch) so if theres a short time window for the wind, its better to leave it in the car
  • it can tangle up the lines during bad crashes
  • the lines dont really slide well under the rubber so if you dont have it set up even, it will affect the control
  • gopro is heavy so it will definitely affect the control of the kite at lest a bit, depending on the type of the br and where its mounted
  • the safety line is quite likely to block some of the main focal point (the rider)
  • if the camera freezes or if you need to replace the battery, you need a screwdriver to open it
  • Remember to use your remote, sucks to land again when you forget to turn on the camera ;)

The good:

  • Great looking shots
  • plastic seems to be very solid, durable and flexible enough not to snap easily

So basically, nice to have for a bit of fun (not too often) but fairly overpriced i’d say… the us price of is a bit expensive while the european is pretty ridiculous for a piece of plastic that doesn’t even work too well.

And the outcome:

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