Review // Samsung 840EVO SSD

By September 26, 2013 Review

After realizing that my laptop took like 10-15 min to fully boot, i went to amazon and picked up the Samsung 840EVO for about £70… best pc investment in a while.
Boot times are now like a minute tops and pretty much no startup sluggishness i used to get on a normal hdd, it has actually changed my usage habits now that restarting it is so ridiculously fast.

The Drive itself seems to be of pretty good build quality on the outside, that said, it is super light and has a a thin(ish) metal casing which doesnt give a “solid” feel that youre used to but this is not your standard hdd so its completely alright ;) also looks very neat! kind of a waste seeing that it goes inside the laptop.

Cant comment much on performance since its the first ssd ive tried but it has not given me any trouble and its a ridiculously big leap off the normal hdd… so if you dont have an ssd yet, better go nd get one!

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