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Analogue Photography

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One of the classes i chose in odder was Analogue photography.
Basically a quick introduction to developing your film and photos after which you were good to go- the dark room and chemicals were available at all times, there were some tasks during classes but overall you could just shoot some films for fun.
Heres most of my stuff that turned out ok. (shot with nikon f55, the blurry dark ones are with lomo fisheye.. terrible stuff)

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The Last Patch.

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Didnt get much done during the last weeks of hojskole. In the end everyone got a piece of wall to display their better pieces… that was mine. a few closeups inside the post.

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Fail #2 + Recent Artwork

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I have been quite late with the updates so heres loads of post.

Anyways, in march or april i got a reply from animwork… didnt get in, hell, didnt even make it to the admission test this year round. So now im busy looking for work… Denmark/England/Germany lets hope i find something soon since hojskole is close to ending and il be out there with nowhere to go :/ oh well… Theres also a few images of stuff we have been busy with.

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Draw, Paint, Shoot

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Hello there! heres a little update of what i have been doing for the past weeks (when not drinking)

as ive said before, i took Model drawing, drawing & graphics, painting, creativity &  form and photography classses… they’ve been quite fun and ive made a few things so if youre interested theres a lot more once you hit “continiue”

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