Technical Issues!

By April 20, 2012 Uncategorized

And no, im not talking about my crappy 5 year old laptop from that picture which is barely holding itself together thanks to lots of tape… not to mention the screen with messed up colors so what ever you design, it looks wrong on other screens. Long story short, dont work at 3am – i was updating my portfolio site and while cleaning out the the old design, i accidentally deleted this blog’s folder too… luckily i had been using Photobucket for a few years but i switched to local hosting around 15 posts ago since it was faster! Now, after spending half a day recovering those photos through facebook, photo folders and so on, im definitely sticking to reliable remote hosting :D so that means the last few posts might be a bit messy and also might have less/more photos.

and to not to litter the blog so much, i also ran across some stuff i never really got around posting… click the image if interested…

Got some tickets to coldplay a few months ago (and still have to wait 4 months for the show… craazy)

A fun little psychology cafe assignment from my hojskole times… they tell you to draw a few things and in the end they’ll list what each of them symbolize… house was the society (nailed it… asia is afterall the largest group on the planet :P ) sun was your father, monster was perhaps your ambitions?  mountains were maybe obstacles? no idea on water, tree was creativity perhaps? and snake was the sexuality

In other news, anyone knows a good lens model? ive got really dry eyes when im wearing them… have to use eye drops once or a few times per hour or it gets unbearable. So far ive tried month long daily ones of some latvian company, 24h/month lenses you see above and now daiylies from bauch & Lomb… so far pure vision worked the best if i wore them for 5 to 7h but still not good :/

And German stores are awesome… you can fins all kinds of tasty stuff…

And i discovered some random shots of me that actually look ok when stitched together…

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