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What’s Up??

By November 17, 2010July 3rd, 2017Life, Photos

Well, not much- in june after the army i took time off to prepare for another shot at animwork so i have been drawing like hell. Also signed up for a  6 month course in a folkhojskole in Denmark starting in january. til then its just slow ticking with lots of drawing… and all kinds of other things life throws at you. heres a little sum-up.

in august-sept mom finally got the massage room done.

My tablet got loose usb ports which fianlly broke-  intuos 4 has some major design flaws!

soldered one back, other was beyond repairs and fixed the damn thing in place with hot glue… shouldnt happen again like this. apparently its a major issue that hits a lot of them.

pc was getting awefully slow with photoshop, max, dreamweaver lots of crome tabs, etc running at once so i upgraded the ram from 2 to 4gb… now its using 2,5 when idle… no wonder it was slow.

August was quite a sad month- dad’s workshop caught fire from electrical wires (electrical company had their main line’s grounding down for a day and there was some issues with overvoltage in the whole neighbourhood, good luck proving that though..)

luckily only the upstairs with various construction materials and other goods got destroyed. We’ve been rebuilding ever since, ive spent quite a lot of weekends up on the roof but what can you do…

There’s also a little art class for crownups twice per month in otepää- mostly for fun, they tackle various mediums and talk about the basics of them. more inf here:

First snow came on the 15th of october! been on and off ever since (mostly off)

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