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Fallout Movie part#3 (finished)

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well, here we are, 2 days of premiere and after efects, 2h of filming, few hours of prop building and we got ourselves a movie (clip)

not exactly how i hoped it to turn out but time is short and the file got way big for my pc to handle.
the pace of the thing should be smoother/slower (could have been fixed by a separate camera man but had to do with just the tripod this time) transitions arent that smooth in places, the end gets kinda messy and some vfx is missing (damage to the car, supermutant, etc) but its the best i could come up with all the limitations.

Enjoy :)

Out of the frackin army!

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8 months have passed. im finally free to do as i please. It was all just one aweful experience, didn’t gain anything except valuing time more after seeing it wasted like that! could critizise and moan forever but since theres some laws against it that im too lazy to get familiar with, il just leave it at that and try to start up with my life instead….

so all i can give you is a few photos (which is also not allowed but whatever, dont see any harm in it…)
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And off we go…

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how to make your mood any more darker then the last free weekend….


due to some ill tidings the next weekend and one in the end were cancelled… so now il be stuck without leave for the next 5 weeks out of which 3 are in the forest for an event called “kevadtorm” … ugh… dirty, cold, max 4-5h of sleep per night, crappy food, etc. cant wait to be over and done with this frikin carnival

weekends on kuutesmäe

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So far ive spent all my weekends off the army on the hill :)
heres a little glimpse of the last one..
hopefully il also get somone to operate the camera and get in front of it a few times myself… but thats pretty tricky :/


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Winter Wonderland

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all the best for the new year, hope youre doing better then me ^^ all i go was a few weeks of for this winter vacation… probably the best one so far :) heres a little climpse of it… the weather is just gorgeous and the snow is thick as hell.
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Back in Estonia

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Ahhh, its good to be home again.

I got really lucky with the weather, its so nice and sunny yet breathable compared to athens.
its so quiet… all you can hear is the wind while looking at the hypnotic dance of the grass.

Somehow the nature has become much more wild in these 2 years… the fields are full of lush grass, plants and bushes… its quite a sight, very relaxing… sure as hell am going to bitch obout the rain in a few days though ^^


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Last weeks in Greece

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Sooo, the last weeks in Greece… at some point i just gave up on cleaning up the photos for post and just crammed them together.
since the time span is long and im not much of a writer, il just let the pictures do the talking.

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Day3-5 :: Denmark-France-Greece-Latvia-Estonia

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Soo… as it turned out, there is no time for constant blogging on holiday’s like this ^^
so heres a conclusion of rest of the days in france.

Day 3

was all about unvinding from the stressfull days…

first a “french” breakfeast with croissants, juice, bread, etc. Ofc if you have danes in your company, they will end up making their own menu ^^


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